Immediately we decided to develop and modernize the vineyard with non intrusive systems that respect nature, applying rigorous organic methods, annually checked by the Consorzio di Controllo dei Prodotti Biologici (CCPB). Organic for us means respect of the environment and of humanity.

The technique of organic cultivation foresees, above all, the elimination of chemical products like insecticides  and  herbicides, the exclusive use of sulfur and copper sulphate in  quantities inferior  to  those foreseen by the European legislation, the use of antagonistic fungi and “sexual confusion” to control some insects.

Thanks to these techniques, our land is naturally enriched.

In springtime the vineyard is transformed into a garden: daffodils, poppies, borage, brooms and lavender are an explosion of color.

Pruning is done by hand,  programming the quantity of grapes per vine, just like the grape picking, is carried out at the most suitable time to preserve the product. We choose only the best bunches to make a limited annual production of bottles.