Produced respecting the land

Our territory is an area that has  been highly  suitable  to the vine and to  wine since the times of the ancient Romans, throughout the Middle Ages, and up to the present day. A famous food and wine journalist has defined it “The Montalcino of Romagna”

Our wines:

FafnirSangiovese Superior Dop, was our father’s nickname. But Fafnir is also the dragon of the Saga of the Nibelungs, whose blood gives invulnerability.

Ferianus: Rebola Dop, indigenous white wine,  is a tribute to the territory even in the choice of the Latin name of Friano.

Eutyches: Sangiovese Rubicone Igp, means “ a good man and good luck”, is the name of the famous surgeon of the Roman Domus of Rimini, defined by the New York Times as the eight Wonder of the World.